Ian Hamilton Prints of Etchings  Blind Artist


I was born with congenital glaucoma, my eyesight was so severely impaired, that I was registered blind.  Despite this, I worked in chalk, oils and developed a technique for producing finely-detailed etchings.

By using a specialist video camera, I was able to magnify the etching plate up to 40 times. This allowed me to produce these fine images.  I have now lost the little vision I had and am no longer able to produce etchings and paintings. 

For the first time since I lost my sight a collection of  my work has been drawn together. These digitally reproduced images are for sale on high-quality paper with mounts.

I would rather that the public get to see them than they sit in the attic gathering dust....

Contact me: hamiltonprints@hotmail.com

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My partners site is Lanark Glass and she continues the tradition of etching, but this time on glass